RAZED by Alchemy Insiders – Trick


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An Instant Lighter Transposition. Think about it – you’ve got a lighter in each hand, one orange, one black. With a magic wave, they change places. AND, you’re able to clearly show BOTH SIDES! Even fellow magicians will be astounded by this effect!

RAZED is a clever gimmick that allows you to perform many eye-popping effects such as color changes and transpositions.

Includes material to construct and perform this highly visual transposition and color change.

  • Easy to perform
  • Instant reset
  • Super visual
  • Construct and perform in 15 mins.
  • Instructional video included with various methods.
  • Great for videos, close-up or manipulation acts.
  • Gimmicks are made to work with any miniature BIC lighter.

Start and end clean, with nothing to ditch or switch.

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